abcabcabc Dosimetry and Imaging | D&I have developed a new proprietary Optically-Excited Luminescence (OEL) phosphor which overcomes many of the constraints with current CR imaging.

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Digital X-Ray Imaging & Radiation Dosimetry

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Dosimetry & Imaging are working with Prof Hans Riesen at UNSW-Australia to develop the commercial opportunities for the range of novel Optically Excited Luminescence (OEL) phosphors developed by the University.

With the support of two leading Australian venture capital companies and an experienced management team, we are documenting now the full capabilities of the OEL phosphor in both x-ray imaging and in radiation dosimetry, and progressing market partnership opportunities. Please contact us if you would like to talk further with us.

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Ross Harricks, CEO
Dosimetry & Imaging, Sydney Australia

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