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Application in Radiotherapy Dosimetry

The OEL BaFCl:Sm3+ phosphor’s novel capabilities offer potential advantages in radiotherapy dosimetry applications. It has a dose measurement range from 0.01mGy to 20Gy, great sensitivity throughout this range, and spatial resolution of < 5 microns.

Two initial applications are now being explored.

  1. Single Point Dosimetry
    Small OEL phosphor sensors can placed beforehand and recovered after therapy for dose measurement like other modalities.
    But an OEL sensor can also be placed on the end of a catheter, placed in the phantom or patient as required, then read repeatedly for intermediate doses during therapy, while still accumulating the total dose received.
  2. 2D Film dosimetry
    Thin 2D flexible sheets of film can made to any size, and cut to shape. The film is stable in ambient light.  After exposure, the film is read and digitised in a fast “snapshot” film reader. It can be used in the same way and in similar applications as radiochromic film.

Application in Environmental Dosimetry

mini readerOur OEL dosimetry badges do not need to be replaced each time they are required to be read. The same badge can be worn continuously, aggregating the total cumulative dose exposure, while having intermediate dose values read on the regular periodic schedule.

Nor do the OEL badges need to sent off to a lab in order to have the dose reading measured. D&I have developed a small desktop badge reader, that can even be used in the field in its handheld, battery-powered, wireless-connected configuration. A cloud networked data service can then securely collect all the personnel dosimetry data and make it available centrally for personnel monitoring.

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