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Pr. Hans Riesen and his team have developed a new class of ionising radiation sensitive phosphor. This phosphor has a number of potential applications in dosimetry, computed radiography (CR) medical imaging as well as megavolt imaging during medical radiotherapy. The radiation detection system comprises a proprietary storage phosphor which exhibits Optically Excited Luminescence (OEL) properties and an optically based reader that offers significant and unique advances on current radiation exposure measurement methods.


storage phosphorNanocrystalline BaFCl:Sm3+is an efficient photoluminescent X-ray storage phosphor. The storage mechanism is based on the efficient conversion (reduction) of Sm3+ centres to relatively stable Sm2+ centres . The created Sm2+ centres can easily be read out in the red region of the spectrum upon excitation in the blue region of the spectrum.

In contrast to optically stimulated materials, the BaFCl:Sm3+storage phosphor can be read many times, as the bleaching (photoionization signal loss back to Sm3+) is less efficient.  In photoexcited luminescence, the wavelength of the excitation light is typically shorter than the wavelength of the resulting emission, e.g. blue excitation and red emission.

Intellectual Property

The company has been assigned the intellectual property for the OEL phosphor technology, which comprises two core patent families at different stages:

  • the first family has been granted in Australia, China, Japan, and USA; and is pending in Europe and India.
  • the second family is filed in Australia, USA, Europe, Japan, China and India; and granting in Australia is imminent.


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Source: INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Volume: 46   Issue: 18   Pages: 7235-7237, SEP 3 2007

Photoluminescence and Cathodeluminescence Properties of Nanocrystalline BaFCL:Sm3+ X-ray Storage Phosphor
Liu, Zhiqiang; Stevens-Kalceff, Marion; Riesen, Hans
Source: JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Volume: 116   Issue: 14   Pages: 8322-8331  APR 12 2012

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